As emphasised in the 2014 Committee of Supply Debate on MOE and in MOE’s Addendum to the President’s Address this year, we are deeply committed to making Every School A Good School – one that caters to the needs of its students, creates a positive learning experience for each student, enables teachers to be caring educators, and fosters supportive partnerships with parents and the community.

To support this, we are encouraging and supporting schools to develop rich learning programmes that will cater to our students’ diverse talents and interests. Each of our secondary schools is working towards developing an Applied Learning Programme (ALP) and a Learning for Life Programme (LLP) by 2017. This will create a diverse and colourful landscape of secondary schools with distinctive and authentic programmes that enable students to apply knowledge and develop life skills. MOE supports schools in the development and implementation of the ALP and LLP. Each secondary school will receive $50,000 per year for each programme or $100,000 per year in total.

MOE continues to ensure that all our schools are well-resourced to provide a holistic education for their students.

  • Schools are equipped with the facilities needed. We are also upgrading facilities across 71 more primary schools in the next few years.
  • All schools receive a range of funds for their school operations and programmes. MOE adopts a needs-based approach to the provision of funds. For schools with more students on financial assistance, their Opportunity Fund quantum would be proportionately adjusted. The Opportunity Fund has enabled Singaporean students from less advantaged backgrounds to participate and benefit from the co-curricular and enrichment activities organised by the schools.

Beyond funding and infrastructure, at the heart of every school is a core of teachers who lead, care and inspire. Our educators are at the forefront of our drive to make Every School A Good School.

  • We are introducing Student Development Teams where Year Heads are appointed to safeguard the quality of school experience and learning opportunities of each level of students. By 2016, all schools will have Student Development Teams.
  • We are strengthening professional development and improving instructional practices across schools. The Academy of Singapore Teachers is leading this, assisted by other professional platforms and specialised teacher academies.
  • More teachers are deployed to support levelling-up programmes for low progress learners, such as the Learning Support Programme (LSP) for English and Learning Support for Maths (LSM).

Finally, a good school fosters supportive partnership with parents and the community. Since 2014, schools have received an annual top-up of the Parent Support Group (PSG) Fund to enable them to organise a variety of parent engagement and parent education programmes.

We already have a strong education system with a good level of achievement across all the schools. Going forward, MOE will continue to strengthen the system and enable all our schools to deliver a student-centric, values-driven education. We will continue to invest in our schools and support our teachers. In doing so, we will have a wide range of good schools that bring out the best in every child.