WUHAN, China, November 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — When numerous e-commerce platforms like Taobao.com hit stunning trading records, a global cross-border e-commerce forum, held by the Donghu Lake of Wuhan, China, also ignited the November 11 online shopping day. ETCN was invited to the meeting of international e-commerce giants in Wuhan to discuss how to help Chinese micro/small/medium-sized enterprises do cross-border business over the web, which is regarded as a "blue sea" for now.

With the theme of "promote cross-border e-commerce development in the process of globalization", this forum was joined by well-known e-commerce platforms from more than 30 countries/regions, downstream and upstream enterprises of the e-commerce industry, and by globally first-class experts and scholars of e-commerce.

The attendees, besides the famous platforms like eBay.com and Amazon.com, also included major regional platforms from the Americas, Europe, India, Pakistan, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, such as Russia’s biggest search engine Yandex and biggest B2C platform Molotok and Japan’s biggest manufacturing B2B platform Ipros.

At the forum on the topic of cross-border e-commerce, the attendees shared e-commerce operation experiences to inspire quick business actions, discussed the globalization trend, and put forward their development bottleneck to seek solutions from top experts. ETCN’s CEO Zhan Fudong, as an expert guest, joined in the high-end dialogue about how to solve cross-border platforms’ credibility and payment problems. According to Mr. Zhan, in future B2B or B2C development, credibility and payment will be forged into one chain of trade, referring not only to the enterprise credibility in banking but also in logistics or performance of contract. Thus ETCN will, by virtue of its own data advantage, help cross-border e-commerce enterprises provide relevant data services so as to regulate entire online business credibility. In addition, the forum covered other discussions about how to push forward industry-chain cooperation, how to integrate e-commerce platforms with downstream and upstream enterprises, and how to lead the cross-border e-commerce trend.

This forum will take on direct influence over China’s 30 provincial and municipal governments, 2 million foreign-trade enterprises, 400 industrial conglomerates and over the present representatives of 1,000 Chinese high-quality enterprises. It will serve attendees as an opportunity to expand international vision and share global e-commerce achievements as well as a platform for economic exchange, cooperation and trade facilitation.

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