SHENZHEN, China, October 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — EC Technology, which provides consumers with affordably priced, high quality consumer electronics products, entered the North American and European markets via in 2012 and has quickly differentiated itself from its competitors by catering to tech-savvy consumers.

The company, which has more than 500,000 customers worldwide and offers a trading platform for its e-commerce partners, has achieved phenomenal success since being founded in April 2012. Anchored by its sound management system and forward thinking marketing team, the company decided to enter the North American and European markets after identifying a need for high quality electronic products. Its collection of consumer electronic products ranges from phone and tablet cases to Bluetooth keyboards, external batteries, charges and much more. Top selling products include but are not limited to iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 cases.

Going the Extra Mile

Offering high quality products and the convenience that comes with using them, EC Technology is composed of a “multinational team of techies” that are able to approach all angles from both the corporate and consumer perspectives. This has resulted in an unparalleled emphasis on both customer service and digital high-tech product development. EC customer support is like a breath of fresh air for those frustrated by the lackadaisical service offered by some competitors. Customer support staff don’t just look to answer questions but to also provide solutions to issues that may or not come up in the future. Going the extra mile is a must at EC Technology and the company continues to brainstorm new ways to deliver added value to its customers.

Meticulously pouring through candidate products, the staff at EC Technology only select products for its collection that are proven to not only be useful, but also daring and of the highest quality possible. “We don’t emphasize having the largest possible selection of products, we emphasize selecting top notch products that satisfy customer needs. This is about sharing high quality products with people all around the world,” said Luis Lee, EC’s Director of Marketing.

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About EC Technology

EC Technology is dedicated to supplying electronic products with high quality features and competitive prices to our global customers. Our main focus is on e-commerce business, and our design team, purchase department, sales and customer service staff are made up of professional employees who seek to provide only the highest degree of satisfaction for our customers.

We are an Amazon Prime best seller. We strive to improve our products’ quality and service. Our feedback is greater than 99% and we have a 4.8 stars average in our customer reviews. Our company headquarters is located in Texas. We also have branches in China, the UK and Germany.

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