SHENZEN, China, February 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the first e-cigarette paired with dual atomizer technology has been launched by KIMREE which is a global leading e-cigarette manufacturer in China to solve the problem of e-liquid’s taste changing.

According to customer feedback in the market, the original taste of traditional e-cigarette stored change gradually and part of e-cigarette fans even inhale some e-liquid into their mouths accidentally when they are vaping, which not only puts great pressure on distributors, but also brings an unfriendly experience.

As a leader in e-cigarette industry, KIMREE Technology takes its responsibility for solving the problem. In its continual chase to find a right way on this road, KIMREE technology has discovered the roots of the problem and introduced the perfect solution — KIMSUN JS036, with dual atomizer to its product line, after several hundred tests and researches.

Unlike currently traditional e-cigarettes, JS036 has been designed with an inner atomizer and an outer protective cap to build a completely closed-vaping system and to form duplicate protection. Doing so cuts down the possibility of e-liquid being inhaled when vaping, and protects children from ingesting e-liquid as well.

More importantly, taste of e-liquid in the cartridge of JS036 e-cigarette remains longer as much as the square of 2 times when paired with the dual atomizer technology. The traditional cartridge can only remain 6 months at most for its original taste, because of its only one layer protection, while JS036 can remain 24 months with dual protection.

The design of dual atomizer not only enhances its closed system, but also adheres to KIMREE’s chase to offer more humanized product for adult smokers. The pre-filled cartridge make JS036 easy and convenient to use, which only takes a little inhalation before vapor users feel enjoyable vaping experience. In addition to this convenience feature, the perfect overlap of the outer cap and inner atomizer gives a big impression of the sense of space and third dimension, along with the distance between the two laps. The protective cap is available in several colors, presenting a wonderful sense of depth, which emerges KIMREE’s pursuit of flawless product.

Furthermore, according to KIMREE research team, they are developing threefold protection technology, which will increase the preservation time of e-liquid taste by 3 folds, and to improve the vaping experience for adult smokers. But the researchers also told that it will likely take about 2-3 years to achieve three defending technology.


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