– Prizes Include Christmas Shopping Participation Privilege and Invitation to Formal Dinner at Prince of Wales’s Family Home Highgrove House/London Residence Clarence House and Right to Order Shirt from Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite London Tailors Grosvenor –

TOKYO, March 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — CYBIRD Co., Ltd. announced on March 10 that the players who solve the final problem posed in the puzzle-solving picture book app NAZO (which has been available worldwide since September 2014) will get the chance to obtain three additional new treasures — the right to participate in a Christmas shopping event and formal dinner at the Prince of Wales’s family home Highgrove House/London residence Clarence House, the right to order a shirt from Queen Elizabeth’s favorite tailors Grosvenor Shirts of Mayfair, London, and a limited edition lithograph drawn and signed by the Prince of Wales.

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The puzzle-solving picture book app NAZO is also a means of promoting the Share the Dream Project aimed at helping children around the world in situations that make it difficult for them to discover and pursue their own dreams. App users the world over are flocking to the NAZO app drawn by the appeal of the various "treasures" provided by globally famous people who have agreed to help the project. All proceeds from the sale of NAZO app Donation Tickets to these users will be delivered to a charity organization (*1) (after the deduction of charity-related expenses), from where it will be distributed to help children in distress to possess and follow their dreams by providing access to the music education program El Sistema (*2).In order to gain access to the impressive store of precious "treasures" (experiences), the users need to decipher all the mysteries in the NAZO app by the deadline of March 31, 2015. After that, the successful players will be tasked with solving the "final mystery," and the first players to provide the correct solution will be permitted to select one treasure each from among the available store.

* "Treasure" Providers (Partial List)

  • Gustavo Adolfo Dudamel Ramirez (conductor, winner of a Grammy Award for Best Orchestral Performance)
  • Baigyoku Nakamura (Kabuki actor, recognized as an Important Intangible Cultural Property)
  • Hiroyuki Kanda (Japanese Chef, owner of Restaurant Kanda, which has obtained three stars in the Michelin Guide for seven years in succession)
  • Jamie Foxx (Hollywood actor, musician, winner of an Academy Award for Best Actor)
  • Christopher Broughton (Hollywood producer, actor)
  • Gladys Knight (singer, winner of a Grammy Award for the Best Traditional R&B Vocal Album, etc.)
  • Meagan Good (Hollywood actress)
  • Berry Brothers & Rudd

For confirmation of all sponsors and "treasures," please visit the NAZO official website.




Distribution Start Date:

September 2014

Compatible Devices and Stores:

iOS: AmazonAppstore; Android: GooglePlay/Amazon Appstore

Compatible Languages:

Japanese/English/Spanish (European)/Chinese (Traditional)


Book, Game (Adventure)

Usage Fee:

Free (the app employs a charge system)

Rights Notation:

(C) 2014 CYBIRD

Game URL:


About CYBIRD Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
President and Chief Executive Officer: Kazumoto Robert Hori

(*1) Charity Method
The full amount of the proceeds from the "Donation Tickets" will be paid to charity, after charity-related expenses have been deducted.
* Donations to this charity are not subject to the Japanese income tax exemption applied to donations because the recipient is an organization not based in Japan. Furthermore, please note that we will not issue any charity-related written acknowledgements such as receipts or certificates. Thank you for your understanding.

(*2) El Sistema is a music education program that was launched by politician, musician and economist, Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu in Venezuela in 1975. It is a unique social education program that has rescued many children in poor areas of Venezuela by steering them away from the paths of crime and drugs by presenting them with a free wind or string instrument and teaching them how to play music in a group setting.

* CYBIRD and the CYBIRD logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of CYBIRD Co., Ltd.
* All described company names, product names and service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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