CYBERJAYA, Malaysia, Oct.15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Malaysia will showcase two of its top Technology SMEs – CRUiSE GPS SYSTEMS SDN BHD & TERATO TECH SDN BHD from Cyberjaya, the emerging Global Technology Hub; led by Cyberview Sdn Bhd. With a mission to explore market opportunities, meeting global technology players for potential business investments and partnerships, Cyberjaya SMEs will leverage on GITEX Technology Week 2014 as it is the ICT gateway to the Middle East and South Asian Region. It is scheduled to take place at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Malaysia’s technology industry is among the most buoyant in Southeast Asian countries. The epitome of Malaysia’s technology innovation and creativity is Cyberjaya, an emerging Global Technology Hub, actively promoted by the city’s Cyber City Manager, Cyberview Sdn Bhd. The hub is currently home to many Multinationals, Small and Medium Size technology companies (“SMEs”) and startups that host a series of entrepreneurship programmes. The focus of Cyberview’s mission for Cyberjaya has recently singled out 9 technology areas for development namely in Big Data analytics, Mobile Internet, Creative Content, Green Technology, Wearable Technology, Cloud Computing, Information Security, Biotechnology and Smart Grid.

While taking note of few other emerging tech cities in the neighbouring countries, Cyberjaya is evolving from a premier ICT hub into a Global Technology Hub, focussing on beyond ICT and expanding its technology focus. The city has also a wide society that has a distinct passion for entrepreneurship, creativity and technology. Given the hub’s status as city with the largest concentration of qualified engineers, developers, programmers and technopreneurs; Cyberjaya’s influence of technology expertise will only continue to grow.

The focus is to explore commercial technology partnerships, business collaboration and opportunities for SMEs and offering of potential joint-venture investments in Cyberjaya, Malaysia’s gateway to about 600 million ASEAN consumers.

Exhibiting under the Cyberjaya pavilion, the SMEs showcasing this year are:


Product Category
GPS, Fleet Management, Tracking & Monitoring of Vehicles, Personal Tracking, Software Development

Product Features

  • CRUiSE Connect FMS
    Allows the tracking & monitoring of vehicles from a remote location.
  • CRUiSE Connect Cold Chain Logistics FMS
    Collects data from multiple stages in the cold chain.
  • CRUiSE Industry Survey Mobile Application
    Uses picture & geo code (GPS coordinates) to fully capture the survey location & update in real time to the back end.
  • CRUiSE Property Management Application
    A hassle free back-end online payment solutions
  • CRUiSE SPOTanalytics /SPOTdeals
    A human movement analytics system which enables retailers, brand owners, brick & mortar business to understand consumer behavioural patterns.
  • CRUiSE Online Shopping Portal
    A fully scalable portal designed to support a single retail outlet, to chain stores & megastores.


Product Category :

  • Mobile Applications Development for Financial & Corporate Sectors
  • Mobile Games : iOS, Android & Blackberry

Product Features

Slurp is an easy-to-use & customizable cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system for F&B retail businesses.

Slurp helps retailers run their business better :

  • Process of customer order from paper to computer is done electronically right from the beginning, via an iPad or a smartphone app.
  • Information about menu items & their pricing, employee time cards, customer bills & others are stored in a secure repository on the cloud & accessible by authorized users at anytime & anywhere.

Slurp’s user-friendly interface design meets the needs of F&B retail business owners as well as improve efficiency of their employees & enhance customer experience. With Slurp, retailers have access to analytical data which is systematically featured & organised on the cloud portal to help them identify weaknesses & strengths of sales operations, build stronger customer relationships & grow their business

Cyberview’s Managing Director, Faris Yahaya, said “Cyberjaya’s ecosystem and talent pool is the most comprehensive and mature in the country. SMEs are an integral part of this ecosystem which has huge potential and ready for the global market. What we are doing now is bringing them up to speed and shortening their ‘go-to-market’ journey.”

“We hope GITEX provides an access for our Malaysian SMEs to forge good partnerships with global clients and technology businesses,” said Faris Yahaya.

This is the sixth year Cyberview is collaborating with MATRADE (Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation, the National Trade Promotion Agency of Malaysia) under the Malaysian Pavilion in GITEX Technology Week. “It underpins our commitment to foster more collaborations between Malaysia and Middle East ICT businesses,” adds Faris Yahaya.

In Cyberjaya, technology-centric SMEs are nurtured under the SME Technopreneur Centre programmes. Cyberjaya is currently home to more than 800 Malaysian and International companies including Hewlett Packard (HP), DELL, Fujitsu, AMD, DHL, HSBC, Shell, BMW, and Ericsson.

Into its 34th year, the theme for this year’s GITEX technology week is “Re-Imagining our Future”, which is underscored by the influx of ICT, services and creative content exports and offerings produced by Cyberjaya for the global market.

Cyberjaya is the core of Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC Malaysia), a gateway to Asia’s booming markets that offers world class infrastructures at developing-nation costs. MSC Malaysia is a designated zone where technology entrepreneurs and global multinationals enjoys attractive tax breaks, access to diverse human capital, high-speed internet facilities and proximity to Malaysia’s administrative and commerce centres. For further information, please logon to


Cyberjaya Malaysia was conceptualised and developed in tandem with the Government’s agenda to turn Malaysia into a knowledge-based economy and high-income nation. Cyberjaya is strategically located at the central gravity of Klang Valley, midway between the City Centre and the Airport. Accessible with only 4 hours of flight time to a population of 550 million from any location within the ASEAN region is a large market and great potential for business opportunities. Cyberjaya’s gross development value (GDV) for the next five years is at RM20 billion with RM 8 billion investment from Cyberview Sdn Bhd. The total investment in Cyberjaya since 1997 to date is RM35 billion. Cyberjaya’s current population is expected to almost double to 100,000 by 2016 with the robust developments in Cyberjaya. The evolving eco-system and various incentives will continue to attract FDI and DDI, and at the same time high income job opportunities for the knowledge workers while encouraging and attracting the critical mass into Cyberjaya Malaysia. 2014 – Updates:

  • More than 800 companies
  • 40 Multinationals – Global, Business & IT Centres located in Cyberjaya –
  • More than 40 Multinationals including Ericson, Shell, BMW, IBM, HP, AMD, DELL, NTT MCS, WHO, Fujitsu, HSBC
  • More than 40,000 knowledge workers
  • More than 23,000 students

* Workers profile: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, East Asia, |
India, SEA, Middle East, Others.

About Cyberview

Cyberview Sdn Bhd was appointed by the Malaysian Government to spearhead Cyberjaya as a global technology hub. Cyberview actively promotes the hub and provides support in the following areas :

  • Soft landing facilities for companies
  • Supporting programs for Small and Medium Sizes Enterprises
  • Provision of technology based programmes and initiatives
  • Training and Access to Market
  • City Management Services

Name: Katheja Begum

Name: Nurul Aqilah Mhd Najri