Broadens localised service offerings for Chinese manufacturers

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — CSA Group, a global provider of testing and certification services and a leading standards development organization, officially announced today the opening of two new laboratories in Guangzhou, China: a higher power test laboratory and a HVAC psychrometric test chamber. The two new laboratories will expand CSA Group’s services for Chinese customers looking to reach global markets.

Dr. H. Roland Hosein, Chair, Board of Directors, CSA Group, Magali Depras, Chief Operating Officer and Jiang Yi, Regional Vice President China and Hong Kong, CSA Group attended the official laboratory openings in Guangzhou.

"We are very pleased to open two new laboratories in Guangzhou. The Asian market is expanding rapidly and providing more and more products to worldwide markets, and CSA Group is growing to meet the demands of our clients," said Magali Depras, Chief Operating Officer, CSA Group. "Asia is a key market for CSA Group, and we will continue to strategically invest in new laboratories to offer innovative, high-quality and efficient comprehensive local service to our clients for North American and global markets. In the next few years we will be focusing on medical and laboratory equipment, hazardous locations, industrial products, lighting, appliances and sustainable energy, with testing and certification services to meet the increased demands of our clients in these fields."

The psychrometric test chamber and the high power laboratory are part of CSA Group’s focus on local service offerings. The psychrometric test chamber is designed for testing product safety, reliability and performance characteristics of various HVAC products, including split-system, packaged terminal air conditioners and heat pumps, portable air conditioners, dehumidifier and other products. The facility provides testing and certification for manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment that require global certification or energy efficiency verification to reach global markets. The high power test laboratory offers a wide range of services including: testing and certification for wiring devices, industrial control products and a specific area dedicated to testing and certification of welding machines, which is a growing market in China.

"The pearl river delta region, including Guangzhou, is one of China’s most important manufacturing regions. Guangzhou manufacturers are internationally recognized for a number of products including sanitary equipment, electrical and electronic products and home appliances," said Mr. Jiang, Regional Vice President China and Hong Kong, CSA Group. "CSA Group opened its first laboratory  in Guangzhou and we’ve seen an incredible  growth in this region. Our two new laboratories enhance the testing and certification services we offer and provide even better one-stop, local service for Chinese manufacturers."

In addition to Guangzhou laboratory, CSA Group expanded its presence in Asia with new labs in Taiwan, India and South Korea. CSA Group offers comprehensive services throughout Asia for hazardous locations testing, IT and AV equipment, and chemical testing. CSA Group laboratories offer testing and certification for global markets, including Europe and North America.

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