BARCELONA, Spain, March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Creanord Ltd, the leader in multi-vendor performance management and service reporting solutions, today announced virtualizing the most scalable active network monitoring probe in the world. Building on proven technology and coming with a state-of-the-art NFV controller, the CreaNODE vProbe sets a new standard for virtualized monitoring.

As service providers look to the future with increasing pressure to automate, virtualize and implement software-defined solutions, network visibility is at risk. Performance monitoring with the same level of versatility as the underlying SDN network is key to long term SDN and NFV success. With virtualized, on-demand functions reconfiguring the network, assurance needs to follow the same principle. Because decisions about allocation of network resources are based on measurements, for instance rerouting due to increased delay, it is vital to have timely access to accurate performance data. A successful Service Assurance strategy requires the ability to monitor effectively in real time and relating to actual services sold, despite dynamic software-driven network changes.

By introducing network element independent, virtualized network monitoring with unforeseen scalability, Creanord is removing one of the most critical barriers for robust, future-proof SDN implementation with the capability to flexibly allocate resources based on performance thresholds and more.

Creanord EchoVault is a multi-vendor NFV and SDN Service Assurance Controller, fitting smoothly into SDN architecture by providing RESTful, MTOSI and NETCONF-based interfaces. It includes multi-vendor Y.1731, TWAMP and Flow Stats, with advanced analytics. It helps to turn Service Assurance from an operational headache to an enabler of new services, with the help of unique reporting capabilities. CreaNODE vProbe is a virtualized highly scalable probe supporting Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), with capability to be introduced on a virtual machine on COTS hardware.

"Creanord has built the most network monitoring powerful probe in the world, the CreaNODE 3000," states CEO Jari Augustin. "Now, with the vProbe we are maximizing flexibility, while building on a proven technology. Our backend, the EchoVault is way ahead of anything on the market by way of real time reporting on services from a customer perspective. Together, these all pave the way for a smooth path to SDN enabled services."

"There is one fundamental difference between us and other players in the market," states Creanord CTO Antti Pappila. "We strive to optimize monitoring in order to be able to provide compelling, comprehensive and cogent reporting. Whereas some of our industry peers have to maximize their hardware sales, we have no such need. This means we are free to innovate to bring maximum monitoring power to both physical and virtualized worlds."

About Creanord

Creanord assists carriers and service providers to improve network quality and strengthen customer loyalty with Performance Assurance and True SLA™. Creanord solution comes with the CreaNODE 3000 Advanced Probe and NFV-based CreaNODE vProbe, EchoVault Performance and SLA Management system and EchoVault Portal. Creanord works with leading service providers in North America, Europe and worldwide.

With SDN and NFV materializing, Creanord provides Service Assurance with the power and flexibility required in ever-changing, virtualized networks. For more information about Creanord, please visit