The annual National School Games is organised by the schools sports councils for all its members, which include all government schools, government-aided schools, independent schools, privately funded schools, and specialised independent schools such as School of the Arts (SOTA), NUS High and the Singapore Sports School. It provides a platform for all athletes, regardless of which school they come from, to compete and be part of a shared learning experience.

The Sports School competes in less than half of the 28 sports that are offered at the NSG. Where appropriate, the Sports School deliberately sends relatively junior players to compete in the NSGs, as part of their development. Based on last year’s competitions, a total of 110 championships were organised for the ‘B’ and ‘C’ Divisions, which caters to students from all secondary schools. Sports School contested in 46 of these championships and won 16 National titles. While this is a good performance, it also shows that other schools can also perform well when pitted against the Sports School.

Learning to lose graciously and win honourably is integral to character development. Strong teams in the National School Games raise the playing standards of our students, and provide valuable learning opportunities for teams to hone their mental strength, play intelligently, bond and to experience both successes and failures. In this light, the Sports School’s participation in the National School Games has raised the overall level of competition while providing its student-athletes the opportunity to be part of a shared learning experience together with athletes from other schools.

It takes great courage to face off strong opponents, whether they are teams from Sports School or other schools. On the ground, we see many instances of such courage from our students. Hong Kah Secondary, for instance, has a strong football culture, and its school football teams, have in the last three years, consistently finished among the top four at the Nationals. In fact, its ‘C’ Division team won the National Title in the last two years, an outstanding feat for a sport that is contested by more than half of our schools, including Sports School.

The schools sports councils will continue to monitor and review the inter-school competitions and will take appropriate measures when necessary to ensure that the National School Games fulfils our educational objectives.