IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The life of a busy college student is a hectic one: trying to juggle class schedules and study for exams, all while attempting to stay in touch with family and friends, can be difficult. However, IRIS Applications SuiteTM, Interush’s core product of cloud-based applications, is a great and simple communication solution for students who are trying to accomplish that.

The IRIS Applications SuiteTM is a package of a wide variety of applications designed to bring together the most productive and popular online software applications around the world. All of the IRISTM applications provide specific and unique ways to improve the online communication experience, each designed to make the life of even the busiest college student easier to navigate.

Included in the applications suite is PHYTTER®, which offers a convenient way for busy college students studying far from home to keep in contact with their friends and family, by providing a wide variety of communication between smartphones, laptops, landlines and desktops.

In addition to the PHYTTER application, iPhytterTM offers an advanced opportunity for smartphone users to connect with friends and family in between classes and during their free time on the weekends. Available for download on iTunes or Google Play, students can talk and video chat other users on their 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connections. The app provides numerous communication options, such as instant messaging, conference calling and a fax function to send and receive documents.

Phytter Dock lets students safely store and share their most valuable digital files, keeping all of those papers and assignments they worked so hard on secure. Phytter Dock is also a great way to upload and save photos of friends and all the latest music, making sure it stays safe while students remain on the go.

For students looking to keep class group projects simple, the IRIS Meet2 application provides advanced video conference calls, which makes scheduling meetings with classmates much more efficient. It’s also an excellent way for students to stay connected to their loved ones, by organizing group video calls with family members who are spread out and living in other places.

Keeping personal information for friends and family all in one place and sending group messages has never been easier than with IRIS eComm, which lets users upload and organize their contacts into one database. The IRIS VeMail app makes sharing videos with all of those loved ones a breeze, which works well for students who can’t always make it home for a loved one’s birthday or memorable celebration.

IRIS Applications SuiteTM also has the tools to help students broaden their opportunities, such as the ability to improve their English skills or create their own unique blogs and a wide variety of digital media, including greeting cards, banners, business cards, etc.

"These applications offer cost-effective solutions to enhance direct correspondence between friends, family and colleagues," said Martin Matthews, CEO of Interush. "IRIS Applications SuiteTM provides an easily accessible answer for student communications in a global world."

IRIS makes organizing the often hectic lives of students a simple task, so that they’re able to focus on their studies while still having a terrific college experience.

IRIS Applications SuiteTM is powered by Interush, Inc. of Irvine, California. Interush, Inc. markets within the rapidly expanding information technology sector in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. For more information, visit