BEIJING and HONG KONG, September 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — ChinaSoft ZhengTong, a subsidiary of ChinaSoft International, and the Department of Public Transportation Management Research Center (“the Department”) signed a strategic collaboration agreement to create a big data platform for localizing management as well as launching applications. This agreement is an important foundation for the Department and its future plans for transportation digital data disclosures and analysis. Both parties will work closely to research and share intellectual property rights, advocate principle based research, execute and advocate localizing the big data management and application platform and expand the Department’s big data businesses. This will bring positive contribution to ChinaSoft’s overall revenue in 2014 and the coming years.

This signing also illustrates ChinaSoft’s determination to expand into advanced data analysis arena on the heels of the already tangible success in the Company’s mobile and cloud strategies. ChinaSoft will use scientific methods and apply new technology to manage the transportation data and harness the data’s potential. There are three cores in big data sciences: business line, analytical, and IT capabilities. ChinaSoft is a leader in IT capabilities and the Department is a leader in the business line capabilities, and they will now work together to expand on data analytical capabilities and form real life big data businesses and application.

This cooperation matches ChinaSoft’s SMAC strategic transformation, further demonstrating the Company’s determination in improving its big data application capabilities. This cooperation will also provide efficient smart transportation management services for the society, and allow the data that the transportation industry has collected over the years to be fully utilized. This will allow business data to become the driving force of industry development and transformation!

About Department of Public Transportation Management Research Center

Department of Public Transportation Management Research Center is the only national institution nationwide that focuses on transportation management. It is in charge of the national public security traffic management information technology research and application of intelligent transportation technology research and development, traffic management business and technical training, and committed to complete the National Science and Technology Support Program, a series of major national research projects including “863”. It is the leading institution in national traffic management information systems.

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