NINGBO, China, March 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Ningbo Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission and Neusoft Xikang Healthcare Technology Co., Ltd. ("Neusoft Xikang") jointly announced that China’s first cloud hospital "Ningbo Cloud Hospital", which is based on cutting-edge information technologies of cloud computing, big data, Internet and Internet of Things, and plays an important role as Ningbo’s intelligent healthcare system, was officially founded and put into operation. Ningbo Cloud Hospital is a platform that was built and operated through collecting, analyzing, and using the healthcare big data to strengthen the industrial supervision, and precisely control the constantly increased healthcare expenses, as well as seeking the effective approaches to solve the problem of expensive and difficulties for individuals to see a doctor. Meanwhile, Ningbo Cloud Hospital will purchase public services from the government and attract more social capital to the healthcare industry, in order to promote the rapid development of Ningbo’s healthcare service industry.

Ningbo Cloud Hospital is featuring prominently in the industry. First, Ningbo Cloud Hospital is an open platform that connects with major hospitals, primary healthcare institutions, specialists, community doctors, and third-party organizations, including pharmacies, insurance companies, etc., which can access the platform for collaboration. Second, Ningbo Cloud Hospital has set up a safe and standardized cloud-based information system. This has enabled the service quality of primary healthcare institutions to become as standardized, traceable and manageable as first-class hospitals, and it also allows public healthcare, community healthcare and major hospital information systems, rehabilitation and pension systems, etc. to be connected with each other. Third, an offline healthcare institution – Healthcare Management Center of Ningbo Cloud Hospital was established. This third-party medical equipments and services platform can be shared by primary healthcare institutions and doctors. The platform includes medical imaging centers, clinical testing centers, remote diagnosis centers, health education and training centers, etc. Fourth, a dynamic health record is built for each citizen in Ningbo, and this health data can be checked using the Cloud Hospital App on mobile phones and also be used as a tool for self-health management. In addition, the health data related to citizens’ daily physiological indicators, lifestyle and other aspects can be accessed and managed via wearable health devices. Last but not least, Ningbo Cloud Hospital Operation Co., Ltd. ("Operation Company") is built in the PPP model (public-private partnership model), and it is responsible for the daily operation and management of the online and offline platforms of Ningbo Cloud Hospital.

Currently, Ningbo Cloud Hospital has connected with 100 healthcare organizations, and 226 doctors and family physicians. There are also 4 "Cloud Diagnosis Rooms" set up online with hypertension, diabetes, psychological consultation and general practitioners. In addition, Ningbo Cloud Hospital has linked with local pharmacies and third-party organizations, therefore the prescriptions given by "cloud doctors" online can be transmitted to local pharmacies conveniently, and local residents can head to the nearest pharmacy to pick up their medicine.

"The aim of launching Ningbo Cloud Hospital is to maximize the supply of medical resources, particularly premium medical resources, while driving medical reform by reshaping the existing medical service system and healthcare model," said Wang Renyuan, Director of Ningbo Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission at the inauguration ceremony and press conference of Ningbo Cloud Hospital, "During the construction period, Ningbo Cloud Hospital was able to fully integrate its online and offline diagnosis services, thanks to the solid foundation of health information and smart healthcare infrastructure in Ningbo, as well as the strong technical support from Neusoft Xikang. Along with the development and operation of Ningbo Cloud Hospital, we expect the cloud hospital platform will allow more local residents to enjoy high-quality and safe diagnosis services, and better healthcare services. It will also help to build a smart, healthy, and beautiful Ningbo."

Dr. Liu Jiren, Chairman & CEO of Neusoft said: "The way we live and work now will be changed by the deep integration of information technology and traditional industry, and the transformation will be accelerated by the advance of new technologies, such as cloud computing, big data, mobile internet, and Internet of things. The healthcare products and services provided by Ningbo Cloud Hospital are becoming daily consumer goods just like the water, electricity and gas supplied in a city. Ningbo Cloud Hospital will become a new infrastructure platform for Ningbo, which will not only bring changes to the traditional healthcare model, but also enable more high quality healthcare resources with better hospitals and doctors. Meanwhile, this platform is also an open, innovative, entrepreneurship, and employment platform, which will drive the rapid development of the healthcare service industry in Ningbo."

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