China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited Launches Yimatong, a unified brokerage account system for Chinese Investors

BEIJING, October 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — China Finance Online Co. Limited (“China Finance Online”, or the “Company”) (NASDAQ GS: JRJC), a leading web-based financial services company that provides Chinese retail investors online access to securities, commodities and wealth management products, today announced that it expects the Company and its Securities Master platform users will benefit from China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited’s launch of Yimatong, a unified brokerage account system which assigns an account to investors with existing securities brokerage accounts in China, starting October 8, 2014. The launch of Yimatong highlights the significant progress made in the current deregulation environment, allowing investors in China to open accounts in multiple brokerages over time.

Mr. Zhiwei Zhao, Chairman and CEO of China Finance Online commented, “Since pioneering the concept of ‘Making Investment Easier’ in China, we continue to aim towards building a fully-integrated online securities-trading platform, where retail investors can have access to one-stop professional-level financial information and services. With recent deregulation achievements, going forward, investors with existing accounts trading accounts at other brokerages will have an easier path to migrate to other trading platforms, including China Finance Online’s financial ecosystem, strengthening our foundation for further monetization opportunities.”

About China Finance Online

China Finance Online Co. Limited is a leading web-based financial services company that provides Chinese retail investors access to securities, commodities and wealth management products. The Company’s two prominent flagship portal sites, and, are ranked as top financial websites in China. In addition to the web-based securities trading platform, the Company offers basic financial software, information services and securities investment advisory services to retail investors in China. Through its subsidiary, Shenzhen Genius Information Technology Co. Ltd., the Company provides financial database and analytics to institutional customers including domestic financial, research, academic and regulatory institutions. China Finance Online also provides brokerage services in Hong Kong.

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