BEIJING, China and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) have launched a joint laboratory programme to enhance innovation cooperation, says China's Minister of Science and Technology, Wang Zhigang.

China has built a series of excellent joint laboratories and promoted the opening of China's national laboratories to Asean countries, Wang said at the opening ceremony of 2018 ASEAN-China Year of Innovation at the China-ASEAN Innovation Forum held in Beijing Thursday.

Joint laboratories include the China-Indonesia joint laboratory for high-temperature gas-cooled reactors, the China-Thailand railway system joint research centre, the China-Laos joint laboratory for new and renewable energy, and the China-Myanmar joint laboratory for radar and satellite communications, Wang said.

"Chinese innovation needs ASEAN, and ASEAN innovation needs China," he added.

China has co-operated with 158 countries and regions in science and technology projects and participated in more than 200 sci-tech international organizations.

"China will further promote openness and co-operation in science and technology innovation in a broader range and at a deeper level," Wang said.

China is willing to synergize the Belt and Road Initiative with ASEAN's development plan to build a community with a shared future for China and ASEAN, Wang said.

The innovation year and the forum were organized by China's Ministry of Science and Technology, Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the ASEAN Secretariat.

Source: NAM News Network