NEW YORK, February 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Technological advancement in communication has grown greatly in the past decade. Back then, people depended on conventional landlines and SMS text messaging but now, people are adapting to VoIP apps as the latest way to connect and communicate.

When we mention VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), most people automatically think of Skype or Viber. Both apps work just fine, but how about an app that can make video and voice calling more fun and entertaining? To answer this challenge, a software developer company called ChatGame, Inc began to build an app that could help further fulfill user needs.

Launched at the end of 2014, ChatGame is a video, voice, and text messenger application for iOS and Android platform. Just 3 months into the launch, ChatGame has received a lot of attention and downloads from people of all different ages. It is especially popular in the US, Australia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. What has made ChatGame so popular? Let’s outline some of the main features to help answer this question.

Clear Voice and Video Quality, Communication Made Easy.

For an app that just recently launched at the end of last year, it provides great video and voice quality. Test calls across the US, China, Mexico and Middle East received excellent results. The voice is clear and smooth while background noises are eliminated. For the video quality, the image looked particularly clear even over 3G mobile connection. Whenever users feel that the speed is not sufficient for a video call, they can easily switch to voice call mode. ChatGame’s UI is very user friendly and simple to navigate especially for beginners.

Mini Bubble Game, Create a Warm Atmosphere.

Most people don’t like waiting for a call to be picked up, but with ChatGame, waiting doesn’t have to be so agonizing. You can play the mini game bubble (which can be popped) that appears on your screen while you’re waiting. In the middle of a video call, you can try this magic trick by blowing air into your phone screen and the same colorful bubbles will appear on both user’s phones within seconds. Surprise your friends and see who can get a higher score by popping more bubbles!

Based on research, a lot of ChatGame users are parents and single parents that work and don’t have much time to spend with their kids. Sometime this will create distance between them. Thanks to the bubble game, this keeps children entertained while they are on the phone with their parents. ChatGame is a great way for busy moms and dads to stay in touch with their kids more frequently while they’re apart.

– Emojis and Stickers, Express Your Feelings

Besides audio and video, ChatGame also works as a text messenger with a wide range of emoticons and animated stickers making conversations feel more personable. You can also exchange image files with other users.

– Face Beautify, Boost Your Confidence.

The ultimate feature that makes ChatGame different from the competitors is its Face Beautify feature. When the feature is on, it automatically retouches the user’s appearance making it look more beautiful while video chatting. This feature is adjustable with different levels to create a flawless look. It is no surprise then that this special feature has attracted a lot of female users and successfully boosted ChatGame’s popularity especially in China, South Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Sometime life takes us on different paths and it separates us from people that we love. ChatGame is designed to bring us closer to the people we love, but also to make us realize that when we are with our loved ones, every moment counts. Let’s start making your moments with ChatGame.

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