The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) participated in the inaugural ASEAN Multilateral Naval Exercise (AMNEX) from 13 to 22 November together with ships from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The exercise, hosted by the Royal Thai Navy (RTN), saw ships from the participating countries carrying out joint planning and training in the Gulf of Thailand. The RSN participated with a Formidable-class Frigate RSS Steadfast, Victory-class Missile Corvette RSS Valiant and Independence-class Littoral Mission Vessel RSS Independence.

The RSN also participated in the International Fleet Review (IFR), held on 20 November in Pattaya Bay, Thailand, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN. Reviewed by Thailand's Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha, the IFR was attended by 40 ships from 19 participating countries. Personnel from the ships also participated in an International Navies City Parade in Pattaya as part of celebrations.

Chief of Navy Rear-Admiral Lew Chuen Hong was also in Pattaya to attend the 11th ASEAN Navy Chiefs' Meeting (ANCM) on 19 November. An annual meeting held amongst ASEAN navy chiefs to discuss maritime issues and multilateral naval cooperation, this year's ANCM centred on the protection and preservation of the marine environment. Other presentations during ANCM included information sharing between navies and naval humanitarian and disaster relief operations.

ASEAN countries carry out regular defence exchanges aimed at facilitating strategic dialogue and improving practical cooperation between militaries. Such interactions continue to contribute to confidence building and the promotion of stable military-to-military relations to enhance regional peace and stability.