— Collaboration aims to drive development of next-generation silver nanowire films

ROCHESTER, New York, March 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Carestream Advanced Materials today announced that it has signed a research and development agreement with Taiwan-based touch-screen manufacturer CNTouch, a subsidiary of Foxconn. CNTouch will develop touch-screen application targets containing film sensors and modules with both single and multi-layers of transparent conductive film. The R&D program will occur in sequence with Carestream’s roadmap to advance its innovative silver nanowire (AgNW)-based FLEXX Film product line.

"As the touch-screen industry moves toward thinner, lightweight and flexible devices, developers are already seeing the advantages of transparent conductive films that offer low sheet resistance, high transmission, extreme flexibility and lower costs compared to other technologies such as ITO," said Paul Herro, General Manager for Carestream Advanced Materials. "This partnership with CNTouch aligns perfectly with our efforts to further innovate with silver nanowires and introduce next-generation FLEXX Films with even lower sheet resistance and haze to enable the touch screens of the future."

CNTouch, a manufacturer of carbon nanotube (CNT) products for touch applications, sensors, cables and LED lighting, has production lines in both Tianjin and Guiyang, China. Under the agreement, CNTouch will design, develop, fabricate and test the application targets at its facilities. The agreement stipulates that Carestream will have the rights to market any or all of the application targets developed through the program. The program rights for single layer multi-touch (SLMT) designs will be jointly owned by Carestream Advanced Materials and CNTouch.

The significance of this partnership between Carestream Advanced Materials and CNTouch extends beyond research and development. Working together, Carestream will be able to open doors for CNTouch to reach its customers creating the next generation of touch-panels with FLEXX Films.

"We are constantly pursuing innovative touch-panel technology and we anticipate that this agreement will allow us to innovate even more with SLMT designs that can enable the thinner, lighter weight devices that consumers want," said Wimbly.Chang, Marketing & Sales Vice President for CNTouch. "We are also looking forward to opportunities to provide our sensors and modules to developers who use Carestream’s FLEXX transparent conductive films to advance their products."

About CNTouch

For more than a decade, CNTouch, a subsidiary of Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.), has been a pioneer in carbon nanotube technology, providing its customers with various touch technology solutions including nanotube components and modules. We have more than 7 million in production capacity and locations in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Shenzhen, Mainland China and Taiwan. Our primary focus is conducting research and development to deliver innovations that drive the touch-screen industry to develop revolutionary products. As a guide for our customers into the future of touch-panel technology, we offer a broad range of expertise in product design and development as well as mass production. Committed to environmentally friendly solutions, CNTouch has become a trusted supplier to many of the world’s electronics manufacturers who create the latest innovations in smart phones, tablets, GPS devices, e-books, digital photo frames and other consumer electronics products. www.cntouch.com

About Carestream Advanced Materials

We enable the future of touch with a broad portfolio of FLEXX Transparent Conductive Films. Our silver nanowire-based films are designed to streamline manufacturing processes, reduce device costs and improve the end-user experience. Our technology enables advanced applications, including larger displays, single-layer multi-touch functionality, borderless designs, flexible devices and wearable electronics. High-volume production facilities and distribution centers throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas ensure continuous product availability. Carestream Advanced Materials is a division of Carestream, a leader in dental and medical imaging systems, medical IT solutions and X-ray imaging systems for non-destructive testing. The company has more than 7,300 employees worldwide and a service network that covers 150 countries. www.carestream.com/adv-materials