— CanadianIcons.ca offers truly “Canadian” online shopping —

GATINEAU, Quebec, Dec. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Innovative online store, CanadianIcons.ca, invites you to explore Canada’s stories, treasures and iconic brands while taking advantage of best-in-class customer service and order fulfillment. At CanadianIcons.ca, consumers have an opportunity to own their very own piece of Canada – from an Emily Carr painting to a Canada Goose parka. Or, simply browse and learn and donate to a non-profit organization that promotes, preserves or protects your favourite Canadian icons.

Image courtesy of Canada Goose

Image courtesy of Canada Goose

Designed as a global exhibit and marketplace, CanadianIcons.ca is a place of discovery, where great Canadian stories, brands and one-of-a-kind treasures can be found. Located only fifteen minutes from Parliament Hill in the heart of Canada’s Capital, the novel ecommerce site offers free overnight shipping for all purchases across North America, and backs each order with a no-hassle, free-returns and exchange policy.

CanadianIcons.ca has partnered with non-profit organizations including Canada’s History, the Bata Shoe Museum and Polar Bears International, inviting visitors to support organizations that celebrate Canada.

Luxury items synonymous with the national identity, including traditional Saulteaux snowshoes, handmade Aboriginal footwear, a painting by Emily Carr and an authentic canoe made by the late Walter Walker can be appreciated as a curated collection.

CanadianIcons.ca is also an official online retailer for popular fashion export, Canada Goose, the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme weather outerwear. Evolving and diversifying in design and functionality to suit consumers all over the world, Canada Goose provides protection from the elements with top quality and iconic style.

Let Canadian icons capture your imagination at www.CanadianIcons.ca

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