Students and teachers have found homework to be useful for checking whether students have mastered concepts and skills, and are able to apply them to different contexts. Generally, parents and students appreciate the importance and value of homework. However, to be effective, the amount of homework has to be calibrated appropriately, taking into account factors such as the learning needs and abilities of students, which can vary considerably among students. Therefore, professional judgment needs to be exercised by each school and teacher. Our schools are also mindful that students also need to have time to bond with family members, to rest and to pursue hobbies and other social activities.

All our schools have put in place a homework policy to articulate the objectives of homework and how homework load is regulated. All schools have implemented processes to monitor and coordinate homework load. For example, in some schools every class has a board to list all the homework, tests and projects assigned. This allows teachers to coordinate among themselves and ensure students are not overloaded on a particular day or week.

Our schools will continue to calibrate the homework load according to the needs of their students, and ensure that the amount of homework given is appropriate.