On 20 November 2017, the Police received a report from two men who had been cheated of a total of RMB 5,200 in iCloud scams.

The men were first added as friends by unknown women on online dating applications, Tan Tan and Gmu, and subsequently moved their conversations to WeChat. During the conversations, the men were asked to log in to the women's iCloud accounts using their iPhones to help shortlist some photographs. After the men logged in to the accounts, their iPhones were placed in lost mode and locked by the women.

The women then demanded money from the men in exchange for passwords to unlock their phones. Several payments were made via AliPay but the phones remained locked.

Police would like to advise the public on the following:

Bear in mind that the party you are chatting with online is a stranger. Be cautious when receiving unsolicited requests from unknown subjects on social media applications.

Do not accede to requests by strangers to log into their iCloud account using your Apple devices.

Do not make payments if you suspect you are a victim of scam, and lodge a Police report immediately.

Source: Singapore Police Force