LIMASSOL, Cyprus, December 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

Currently catering for 110 brokers across 26 different countries, Hello Markets is quickly establishing itself as a world-leading White Label financial solutions provider.

Hello Markets’ primary selling point is found in its solutions package’s underlying simplicity and in the fact that it guides brokers from A to Z in regards to the creation and support of their operations. Its seven Back Office tools serve as strong points in the company’s list of offered tools & services and lay the foundations for the facilitation of any broker’s daily operations.

With a variety of tools aimed at increasing brokers’ conversion and retention rates, Hello Markets’ clients are given a crystal-clear picture of every aspect of their online business through its tailor-made back office.

Starting from the Front-End, Hello Markets helps the broker’s vision come to fruition by providing it with a fully-customisable trading platform which exactly fits the broker’s preferred specifications. The advanced Content Management System is also fully customisable and allows the broker to easily edit its website’s content and design, further complemented by its Customer Relationship Management system which offers an intuitive dashboard used to effectively manage data. One big advantage that Hello Markets’ clients can benefit from is the availability of a payment service solution which allows them to carry out transactions straight from their platform – a feature amongst others which makes Hello Markets stand out from its competitors.

The SEO and Widgets tools guarantee results from search engine rankings and affiliates respectively, with the Affiliation campaign management tool used to boost the broker’s online performance. Finally, the Risk Management department will provide the broker with a full package of risk analysis and management tools consisting of matrices and transactions reporting.

As is made evident by its 450% annual growth rate, more and more brokers are choosing to take the straightforward and favourable route offered by Hello Markets.

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