Azerbaijan ranked 55th in the Global Cybersecurity Index 2018 published by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Trend reports.

Azerbaijan scored 0.653 points in the index.

Among the CIS countries, Azerbaijan ranked 4th, ahead of Belarus (69th), Armenia (79th), Tajikistan (107th), Kyrgyzstan (111th), and Turkmenistan (143rd).

Worldwide, Azerbaijan was also ahead of countries such as Serbia (58th place), Iran (60th place), Albania (62nd place), Bahrain (68th place), Romania (72nd place), Greece (77th place), Iceland (86th place), Iraq (107th place), etc.

The top 3 includes the UK, the US and France. Following them in the index were Lithuania, Estonia, Singapore, Spain, Malaysia, Canada and Norway.

ITU Global Cybersecurity Index is released annually and is designed to assess the cybersecurity level of countries according to 5 main criteria: the legislative framework, technical measures, organizational measures, international activities and capacity building for the development of the sphere.

Source: TREND News Agency