From 17 December 2018, the Traffic Police (TP) will commence the use of the average speed camera (ASC) system for enforcement action, along a 4km stretch of Tanah Merah Coast Road (speed limit of 70 km/h). This is the first ASC system to be deployed on Singapore roads.

The ASC system was installed along Tanah Merah Coast Road in the first quarter of 2018 and has been subjected to rigorous testing, to ensure accuracy and robustness. The ASC system enables sustained speed enforcement over a stretch of road rather than at a single spot. The system, comprising cameras at the entrance and exit of the enforcement zone, will detect and compute the average speed of a vehicle while it is in the zone. If the average speed of the vehicle exceeds the limit for the road or for the particular vehicle (which has a specified speed limit), the motorist will be liable for the offence of speeding.

Tanah Merah Coast Road has been chosen for the deployment of the ASC system because it is susceptible to speeding and illegal racing. Signs will be put up ahead of and within the enforcement zone, to remind motorists to comply with the speed limit. Lamp posts on which the average speed cameras are mounted have also been painted in luminous orange to ensure that they are highly visible to motorists. The pictures of the signs and painted lamp posts are appended in the Annex.

The new ASC system will help shape the behaviour of motorists and deter speeding. Road safety is a shared responsibility. All motorists must play their part in keeping our roads safe.

Source: Singapore Police Force