LIMOGES, France, March 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The 2015 edition of the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial opens up an opportunity for Legrand to present  a ground-breaking concept in electrical home controls, called FLOCOON Pixel. Like a concept-car, FLOCOON Pixel explores future possibilities for the smart home, putting the spotlight on an unprecedented form and concept, which creates a completely new relationship between end users and their homes. 


Making home controls connected and interactive 

Building on the success of their award-winning concept FLOCOON, introduced at the "Futur en Seine" digital festival in 2014, Legrand’s design team continues to explore future developments in home controls. By focusing on usage rather than product, FLOCOON broke away from the codes of traditional wiring devices, creating a touch-sensitive relationship between the user and controls.

Drawing inspiration from the world of connected objects, FLOCOON Pixel goes even further. This time, the aim is to explore a smart and intuitive way of managing controls based on interaction and the merging of function with form. In a truly ground-breaking way, users get to play and combine functionalities that match their personal preferences.

With FLOCOON Pixel, Legrand’s design team explores a new shape: the pentagon 

In giving shape to its FLOCOON Pixel concept, Legrand’s design team decided to experiment with an unprecedented form, the pentagon. The pixel, as a basic unit, can thus be united with others to create an infinite wealth of combinations. Users are placed centre-stage in personalizing the interface, in both aesthetic and functional terms. For instance, they can combine the "dimmer" pixel with the "motion sensor" pixel, thereby generating enhanced functionality in a playful, intuitive way.

A fleeting touch, a gesture, a creative input… FLOCOON Pixel opens up new forms of control 

Legrand invites visitors to experience some of the flagship functions of the FLOCOON Pixel concept, centered on lighting control.

Experience 1: A light touch on the surface of a pixel or simple gestures of the hand are sufficient to dim the lighting.

Experience 2: Users experience simple interaction, for example by combining lighting control with the change of color of the light. This is possible through access to more advanced functions via smart phone applications.

Experience 3: The Space Light Manager offers an immersive experience with lighting control at your finger. The user can create light spots on the ceiling, increase their size and move them around in an intuitive way – designing their own atmosphere.  

FLOCOON Pixel turns lighting control into something playful. Light sources respond to a fleeting touch or to a body movement, and we learn to combine objects for instinctive controls. A playful concept, FLOCOON Pixel is also a nomadic decorative element. Charged by induction, the connected objects in the FLOCOON Pixel family can be positioned and moved around the house at will to suit the user’s mood.

Live the FLOCOON Pixel experience on the Legrand stand at the 2015 Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial 

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