NUSA DUA Leaders of 10 ASEAN member countries are scheduled to be present on the sidelines of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (IMF-WB) grand gathering in Bali, in October 2018.

"We will hold High Level ASEAN Leaders Gathering on October 11, 2018," chairman of the annual meeting of IMF-WB 2018, Peter Jacobs remarked on the sidelines of Bank Indonesia international seminar on "Big Data" in Nusa Dua on Friday.

He said the High Level ASEAN Leaders Gathering is the side event on the sidelines of the IMF-WB meeting, but it will become special because of being attended by state leaders in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

The annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank, he added, will be held in three main sessions, namely the opening by President Joko Widodo, a meeting of the IMF Committee attended by all central bank governors, and meeting of the Development Committee or DC attended by finance ministers.

Further, he added that outside the agenda there will be a lot of seminars, workshops, and other supporting meetings.

Jacobs said that in addition, as many as 20 heads of state who also concurrently finance ministers or central bank governors are also invited to participate in the grand meeting.

Usually, he said, the head of state concurrently finance minister or central bank governor are small countries in some areas.

Peter added the IMF and World Bank 2018 meetings are scheduled to be attended by about 18,000 delegates from 189 countries in the world.

The delegates included heads of state, finance ministers, central bank governors, financial and economic actors, practitioners, academics, and representatives of non-governmental organizations.

Source: NAM News Network