SAN FRANCISCO, March 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — APUS Group, a Beijing-based Android application development company that focuses on creating products and services that enhance the mobile experience for users worldwide, today releases its global mobile application report. From classification of popular applications, to analysis of the geographical location of users and their frequency of application use, to a ranking of the most popular applications, APUS has created the most practical guide to mobile application data. This is also the most comprehensive and timely analysis report for overseas markets, and we believe that it will be of value for other Chinese Internet companies seeking to go global.

Since its global release on July 2, 2014, APUS Launcher has been very well received by Android smartphone users around the world thanks to its effectiveness in improving phone’s reliability, speed, and overall user experience. In the short time from its launch until today, APUS has gained over 100 million users, including 80 million MAU.

The report shows that in the global list of most popular applications, gaming apps were the most popular, making up 32% of the list. Communications category applications comprised 19%, tools/utility applications comprised 13%, and social networking applications comprised 11%.

In terms of the frequency of use of applications, global trends are generally in line with the natural rhythms of human daily life. By country, the United States has the greatest number of early morning active users. The U.S. is also the country with the most evenly distributed usage across the four major time periods through the day. This large number of early morning users is also a reflection of a key trait of Americans: they tend to sleep later than their global peers.

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Founded in 2014 by a team led by Tao Li, the former vice president of Qihoo 360, APUS Group’s mission is to provide the best possible mobile experience to the world’s 3 billion Android smartphone users. By developing apps that make the Android OS easier to use, more convenient and faster, APUS is dedicated to reimaging the User Interface and User Experience for the world’s fastest growing mobile operating system.

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