PALO ALTO, Calif., February 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Last December, APICloud, a Chinese mobile app cloud service provider, officially launched the international version in the U.S. with the goal of establishing a mobile ecosystem to serve the Chinese enterprise mobilization market and the potential overseas customers who seek opportunities to conduct mobile businesses in China.

On February 4th 2015, APICloud launched an ecological product – the Module Store under the ‘Time to Market’ Strategy, aiming to help Chinese and overseas app startups and developers reduce time to market of their apps.

Time to market is generally recognized as a key factor for success for app startups. As one of the core concepts of the Internet Thinking is the pursuit of speed, APICloud’s ‘Time to Market’ Strategy enables Chinese and overseas mobile developers to make the first step of their entrepreneurial journey in a shorter time and with a higher quality. ‘7 days’ and ‘70%’ are 2 key features of the Strategy. APICloud can reduce the workload from 30 days per person to 7 days per person. That is to say, an app which previously took 2 developers and 90 days to develop now only needs 1 developer and 45 days. It allows developers to quickly determine business directions, adjust product functions and acquire users. The key to achieving all of the above is that APICloud abstracts and modularizes the app development both in the cloud and the client, resulting in a 70% reduction of the coding workload.

The Module Store is the first ecological product launched by APICloud to push forward its ‘Time to Market’ Strategy. Unlike the overseas market, an unique B2D service system has come into place in China. A large amount of quality app services have been integrated into apps in the form of SDKs. However, the growth of third-party service providers has also caused fragmentation of B2D services. The integration of SDKs into multiple platforms is still time-consuming. The launch of the Module Store turns the idea of one-click integration of third-party services into reality. Through joint efforts of APICloud and its partners, the ‘1+1’ (one-stop and one-click) service significantly simplifies the app development and the integration of third-party SDKs. APICloud’s one-stop solution covers app development, management, testing, and reinforcement. Instead of integrating third-party SDKs one by one, developers now can select the services they need in the Module Store just like adding items to the shopping cart. It only takes a few steps of configuration to complete the integration. It is a remarkable fact that the initial Module Store partners have already covered all stages of the entire app development lifecycle.

App Dev

At the client side, APICloud provides a cross-platform app development engine which is able to generate apps for both iOS and Android using a single codebase. When building apps, developers can easily add common functionalities such as IM which is provided by Rong Cloud, push services by GeTui and JPush, mobile ad services by Domob, AdsMOGO and KUGUO; after packaging, the ipa and apk files can be submitted directly to Testin for online testing; last, developers can use Bangcle to reinforce their apps before publishing them to app stores. APICloud’s one-stop solution gives developers everything they need to build amazing apps just in one place.

Server Dev

Previously for server side development, cost and workload are two inevitable challenges that bother every developer. To meet these challenges, APICloud provides PaaS including data services and common maintenance and management services which can reduce 70% of the coding workload at server side. Additionally, developers can choose to use their own servers to integrate their APIs; or to use the cloud storage provided by APICloud or UpYun, which significantly simplifies the development process and increases the reliability. All the third-party cloud services are integrated in the APICloud platform, saving developers the trouble of searching for services on different websites.

APICloud is the first mobile app cloud service platform to have combined the cloud and the client. Launched last week, the Module Store has gathered dozens of Chinese B2D service providers onboard and received positive responses from developers. Under the "Time to Market" Strategy, APICloud and its partners will continue to work closely to push forward innovations of the mobile development industry in China and around the world.

About APICloud

APICloud is the first and leading cross-platform mobile app cloud service provider in China. Its goal is to build a mobile ecosystem to serve the Chinese enterprise mobilization market. Currently APICloud provides a cross-platform mobile app development environment consisting of Cloud API and Client API. The one-stop solution APICloud offers for mobile app developers includes a mobile app development engine, tools, BaaS, push, analytics services, etc. APICloud’s services are able to simplify the development of mobile apps and reduce the development cycle from one month to 7 days. With the cloud-based development environment, all developers have to do is to focus on building amazing apps, and APICloud will handle the rest. Developers can also get help from the online community to accelerate mobile app development.

Driven by passion and dedication, APICloud never stops seeking innovation and strives to push the advancement of the mobile app development industry in China, as well as around the world. Now, it has set up offices in Palo AltoCA, US and Tokyo, Japan, aiming to provide better services to the overseas customers. To learn more about APICloud platform please visit

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