ANTWERP, Belgium, Oct. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

The 1 Carat IDEX Diamond Portfolios presented by AdAmiA  

AdAmiA BVBA, a licenced diamantaire from the Antwerp Diamond Bourse and a specialist for Investment Diamonds in cooperation with IDEX Online, a leading International Diamond Exchange and a major Diamond Pricing Provider are proposing an innovative diamond related investment product that is 100% backed by physical diamonds.

AdAmiA is delighted to take part in the Belgian Economic Mission, led by Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid, in Singapore from the 26th to the 28th of November 2014. AdAmiA’s CEO Mr Laurent Mathiot will be attending the mission and glad to meet interested parties at this occasion.

Investment-Grade Diamonds: an emerging asset class  

Diamonds have also become an investor’s best friend!  As seen in recent spectacular auctions at Christies or Sotheby’s that keep on breaking new record prices, diamonds are attracting more and more buyers motivated by investment purposes. This brilliant asset does feature many benefits for an investor: as a tangible asset it will not ‘default’, it carries an unmatched concentration of wealth and features a great mobility… Polished diamonds price performance also makes this asset class an attractive alternative investment thanks to steady returns, a low volatility and a low correlation to other financial assets, therefore providing true diversification to an investor’s asset allocation.

The 1 Carat IDEX Diamond Portfolios: An innovative proposition to invest in diamonds with a sustainable valuation and a guaranteed liquidity ! 

This proposition allows an investor to buy and sell diamond portfolios of good quality GIA certified stones that are the most traded on the polished markets, to receive an official ‘Net Asset Value’ on a monthly basis and to benefit from a straightforward process to exit the investment at any time. Diamond portfolios reflect the IDEX 1 Carat Index value at any time and are authenticated as being compliant with the Kimberley Process and with Anti Money Laundering procedures.

An investor wishing to sell has two simple options: either give a "Sale Order" and have portfolio(s) sold based on the latest NAV published or give a "Sale Mandate" to have each diamond in the portfolio(s) independently sold in the market with the objective of optimizing the total sale price.

About IDEX: 

Established in 2000, IDEX Online is the leading diamond trading platform and diamond pricing source of the global diamond industry. It offers an innovative diamond trading platform designed specifically for and by professional diamond dealers and jewelers. With more than 600,000 diamonds listed, IDEX Online makes buying and selling diamonds fast, easy and – above all – secure. IDEX was recently selected by Wall Street financial institutions to be the Index Provider to the first ever Diamond backed ETF.

About AdAmiA:  

AdAmiA BVBA is trading as a regulated diamond company with a licence from the Belgian Ministry of Economics and is a Member of the Antwerp Diamond Exchange. AdAmiA focuses on "investment" diamonds, dealing only with top quality polished and certified stones. Its core business is to provide optimally allocated diamond portfolios for investment and wealth management purposes. AdAmiA Portfolios include a mix of ‘conservative’ diamonds (white) for capital preservation and more ‘dynamic’ diamonds (fancy colored) for capital growth.