TAIPEI and HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Ubitus Inc., the worldwide cloud gaming technology leader, announced today its partnership with Alibaba’s Digital Entertainment Business Group to launch the cloud gaming service in China. With several cloud gaming products, such as T-mall set –top- boxes (Premium and 1S version) and Haier Connected TVs, users can enjoy new gaming experience to the next level. 

New T-Mall Set-Top-Box - Premium Version
New T-Mall Set-Top-Box – Premium Version


Haier Connected TV built-in Cloud Gaming Service

Haier Connected TV built-in Cloud Gaming Service


【Note】: Alibaba launched several cloud gaming products, such as T-mall set –top- boxes (premium, 1S version) and Haier connected TVs. Users can enjoy new gaming experience to the next level.

On July 16th, Alibaba Group’s Digital Entertainment Business Group unveiled its "Home Entertainment platform," in joining hands with partners among leading players in gaming and digital entertainment industries. The new platform will offer online gaming, music and video streaming as well as online education services through Alibaba’s new T-mall set-top boxes based on its cloud computing capabilities. Alibaba’s ambition is to provide an evolutionary, all-around digital home entertainment experience to center on consumers’ "Living Rooms."  

Among all services introduced, "Cloud Gaming" unquestionably collected the major spotlights for headlines. Powered by Ubitus’ GameCloud ® technologies, Alibaba’s next-generation T-mall set-top boxes and connected TVs can deliver instant console gaming experiences on demand without the need for users to equip with expensive high-end computers or game consoles as prerequisites. Users will be amazed by the incredible console-level gaming experience, similar to that of PS4 or Xbox, streaming down via their home broadband connections from the cloud. More blockbuster game titles from leading game companies worldwide will be expected to land on Alibaba’s cloud gaming platform going forward.

"Ubitus is both honored and proud to be selected by Alibaba to peer up in the launch of its transformational cloud gaming service (platform) with our industry-leading technologies", said Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus. "We believe that this revolutionized service would bring wowing experience to the gamers playing on Alibaba’s new "living room" devices. People will be amazed by how effortless it is to enjoy on-demand console games without any complicated download or installation process."

"We are devoted to provide families with great game titles, great movies, great education contents and great services," said  Mr. Liu Chunning, President of the Digital Entertainment Business Group under the Alibaba Group.  "The joint effort between Alibaba and Ubitus to launch cloud-gaming will bring new digital entertainment experience for home users, enrich families with more entertainment options at home, and rejuvenate the warm atmosphere for every living room in every household, as our purpose of existence has always been for the families and our ambitions are to redefine them."

T-mall Set-top-box (premium version) :
Set-top-box (1S version) :  
Haire Connected TV (40"): 
Haire Connected TV (48"): 
Haire Connected TV (60"): 

About Ubitus Inc.】

Ubitus Inc. has the world’s leading game virtualization technology and cloud-streaming platform. It strives to provide a more pervasive gaming user experience using top-notch technology, allowing players to play the best games at any time and any place as long as they are connected to the internet. The services are compatible across devices, platforms, and networks. It doesn’t matter if the player is using a smart phone, tablet, PC, or smart TV.

As one of the leaders in cloud gaming technology and game streaming services, Ubitus has entered into long-term partnerships with top-notch international game developers, becoming the agent for many classic gaming masterpieces. It has penetrated the Japanese, Korean, US, Hong Kong, and Chinese market. It has liaised with leading telecom service providers, online service providers, and game makers everywhere to provide services to local gamers.

The company was established in 2007, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. It currently has more than 140 employees, and has offices in the US, Japan, South Korea, and Mainland China. Since it was established, it has been generating record-breaking achievements in the global cloud gaming market and received widespread industry recognition in the respective countries.

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