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Acision’s Collect SMS enables operators to recoup lost revenues from unsent texts while driving greater dialogue for users with service restrictions due to lack of prepaid credit    

Acision, a global leader in mobile messaging services, today announces that Claro Peru has enhanced its text messaging (SMS) business using Acision’s award-winning Collect SMS solution, enabling it to monetise the zero balance prepaid market. Acision Collect SMS, launched as "SMS Cobrar" (SMS Receivables) by Claro Peru, allows subscribers to still send text messages when out of credit, by requesting the receiver to accept the charges.

With a large and diverse group of services, Claro Peru, wanted a new service to add to its portfolio that increased usage of SMS amongst its user base. With Acision Collect SMS, Claro Peru is now targeting subscribers with a highly-effective messaging service, which enables the operator to maximise monetisation and revenue opportunities, as users who would normally experience service restrictions due to a lack of credit, can now issue a message recipient with an SMS requesting acceptance of the charge for the inbound text.

Discussing this, Vanessa Solis, Manager of Value Added Services, Claro Peru, commented, "Our main focus aims to expand the range of value added services we offer to our users and enhance their experience. The SMS Cobrar service allows our users to use this valuable communication tool as many times as required, even when they have exhausted their balance recharge."

Much like the popular collect call service, Acision Collect SMS enables customers to continue to communicate when funds aren’t available but also increases customer loyalty and user experience through a simple, transparent, high-value service. Amongst other scenarios, this is particularly relevant for the teenage or youth markets that are more likely to be ‘zero credit’ subscribers, and may need to send an urgent or important message to parents.  For example, with this service, the parent can accept the charge and receive the intended message

Fatima Raimondi, President and General Manager at Acision, added: "Acision’s Collect SMS service is becoming a well-established solution in the LATAM market, and Claro is another one of our customers to launch and promote this solution to increase service usage of SMS.  Service uptake has been positive to date, where the market is receptive to value add services and where there is a significant prepay market. Acision Collect SMS personalises and differentiates SMS, enabling operators to compete on factors other than price and connectivity, with unique tools that positively impact the user experience."

In 2012 Acision won ‘Best Emerging Market Product’ for Collect SMS in the Total Telecom World Vendor Awards. For more information, please click here. Acision’s innovative service is available globally, across any platform or network type and works especially well in emerging markets where the majority of mobile users are pre-paid.

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Claro belongs to Grupo America Movil, a leading telecommunications service in Latin America with presence in 18 countries. In June 2014, the America Movil Group had 339 million users of mobile and fixed services in the region.