SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Battle Chaser, developed by Studio H (CEO: Jeongnam Kim), is a defense game in which players try to obstruct enemies who rush in to destroy the legendary jewels Spiritsnels. It will be released in this November.

A new-concept game that combined Defense with DotA! Battle Chaser

A new-concept game that combined Defense with DotA! Battle Chaser

When the game starts, players can choose one of the three characters: Francis who uses guns, Rebecca who uses bombs, or Alan who uses a sniper rifle. Depending on the characteristics of each character, players can play in various ways, such as fast movements, wide-area attacks, and traps. Each character has four skills in addition to basic attacks. Players can grow these skills using skill points. They should think over which skill to grow first according to the stage. Furthermore, players can buy items that enhance the abilities of characters through Ruvs (battle currency) that they can earn by killing monsters. Special care must be taken when buying items because there are many variables depending on the combination of items.

Players can earn rewards, such as gold or paid items, when they succeed in various challenges such as daily challenges that change every day or more difficult permanent challenges. In the shop window, players can check and buy various items and they can use or see the times they bought in the inventory. In the character information window, players can check the skills and competence values of each character. In the possessed badge window, they can check the rising effects of wearing badges.

The badge system is one of the differentiations of Battle Chaser from other defense games and a character growth system to upgrade characters so that players can enhance their basic abilities and more easily clear stages.

The biggest differentiation from other defense games is that it is a DotA-type action defense game. The characters grow and develop various skills or buy items in each stage. Different types of growth and plays are possible by stage. The thrill of avoiding the bullets shot by enemies, protecting Spiritsnels, and sweeping monsters with one shot of powerful ultimate skill, the infinite mode where monsters rush out, and 1:1 boss mode of the powerful boss monster and spirit!

Battle Chaser is an amazing game created through the fusion of defense and DotA.

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