KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia South East Asian Association of Graduate Employers (SEAAGE) will stage the 2018 Asia Graduate Recruitment and Development Conference on April 18 to 19 at Google's headquarters, Singapore.

SEAAGE's third annual conference, titled The Future Workforce: Digital, Data, Diversity, Design features industry experts and market leaders providing insights into current and future trends and challenges in the Asian and global talent markets.

Flywire's chief people officer for global payment and receivables specialist, Kelly Hartman will be one of the speakers at the conference, a statement said.

She will be discussing diversity - its real meaning in the workplace, why it is integral to employee engagement and how companies can leverage it for success, especially in the technology space.

Speakers include executives from Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Artic Shores, Unilever, GradConnection, World Customs Organisation (WCO), Maximum and Warwick University UK.

The event will also feature presentations and interactive discussions including innovations in talent recruitment, higher education, workforce preparation and building employer brands.

The conference format encourages open sharing of knowledge and experience, and serves to elevate the early talent industry as an increasingly important, strategic part of business.

SEAAGE is a not-for-profit professional association that provides networking, information and best practices to help its members to better understand the workings of the Asian graduate recruitment market.

Source: NAM News Network